full moon or a gift?

looking up at the powers that be and asking them to help me get through the doctor's appointment with my mom. first off she made a mistake with the time and we were an hour late - super! second she started getting angry at the receptionist saying it was her fault - dandy! third I dug all around my purse and not a crumb of chocolate to get me through. doc says she is on the list for the november clinic and after lots of "italian smarten up talk" she was quiet and played along with everything he said and I asked - perfect! he asked questions as if she had never been there before. problem is she answered them as if she had never been there before. I sat there thinking I was having an out of body experience and maybe I hadn't actually woken up, showered and left the house yet. WTF? I finally intervened as I was getting tired of their little reindeer games and told the doctor that he had seen my mother almost a year ago and sent her for tests and she was on a wait list for the clinic and we still have not heard anything about that. ah yes, he says as he shuffles through my mom's file. I understand that he sees thousands of people a year, but my mom? what the hell kinda game was she playing? anyway done and done till we get the call...

my dream of a beautiful zabuton was crushed yesterday as all they had were these square cushions that looked hard and uncomfortable. miguel is going to look for me today before he leaves chicago and perhaps I will have one of these and it should work just fine.

the afternoon was spent with my girl.

we talked, we painted, we talked, laughed and painted some more. nice quiet afternoon and quite relaxing as no one else was in the store! here is a sneak peek at what I was working on:

for more pics go here.

whoa! noon already and I feel like all I have done is - NOTHING! off I go to clear some stuff out of the way....ciao and fabulous friday to you!

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Gawdess said...

ooooh, it is a good thing you took charge and yes it is definitely a chocolate worthy experience!
Love the picture of you and the mug too, went and checked out your other pictures of the things you both did, very, very cool!