more good things or thing...

awesome "art tuesday" with my girl. were we super productive? depends on how you define that. with our art? sort of...with our catching up chit chat? tons!

we did the usual calendar set up for the month and threw around some ideas about what we want to accomplish in the next month. great day!

we won't mention that the car had a boo boo cause now it is fixed! so - OVER THAT!

read something tonight that was very interesting and confusing all at the same time. It talks about how goal setting is about trying to achieve something in the future that we don't have. okay! it's about wanting more or less of what we have in our present life. uh, yeah! when we reach our goal we never really arrive. hmmmm...

we are always in a state of becoming. yup! we go from goal to goal and keep going round kind of like a hamster on the wheel. no matter how fast we peddle our feet we never really go anywhere. we may think we are moving and making progress, but ultimately we will not have inner peace until we get off the wheel. okay? the way to get off the wheel is to no longer want something that is different than what exists in the present moment. huh?

I read this in the latest issue of synchronicity. it goes on and there is more that I am reading over and over as if that will help me decipher its meaning. I mean, think about it. could you accept yourself and your life as it is? have we not been taught to have goals, become better and be the best that we can be? in all that we say and do?

I laughed at one point actually agreeing with the hamster analogy. I have my "to-do" lists that I make in an effort to reach my "goals" of getting things done, crossed off, completed and it seems like the list is never ending. I have goals that I complete and then set new goals and so on and so on. are they really complete though? I mean, yes I ran a marathon, but I could run it faster! so that is totally a hamster on a wheel! I cleaned the bathroom this week and check it off the list, but, oh look, it's on the list again for next week! I completed my 31 days of yoga and now what? I could do 62 days of yoga! wth?

it is all so confusing and somewhat tiring to think about goals and accomplishing them or not accomplishing them. goals generally take some work to accomplish and y' all know that "work" in my books is highly overrated. I like to "PLAY"! lately I try to remind myself to enjoy the moment. enjoy the process. enjoy it as it is. then that little hamster in me jumps on the friggin' wheel and runs as fast as she can to try to get it all done. and then what? it is never ALL DONE!

just something to think about...

what I know fo sho? life IS good! LIVE!

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