st. louis 2007...

another travel journal complete. this one documented my trip to st. louis last october. I have been fortunate enough to go every year for about the last ten years on the company dime. tres kewl! this year the trip will be even more special as it may be my last "free ride" so to speak. 

I have over the years been lucky enough to take some pretty amazing classes. I have met the most amazing people and kept in touch with many of them. I took a class with frankie fioretti (second one down) who at the time was teaching with judi kins products.

I met the owner, artist and whole fam damily of kirsten. she was very real, very generous and very talented. to be invited into her studio and be able to watch as she created was one heck of a thrill for me.

these two sisters. they have the most incredible art store I have ever seen - EVER! both extremely talented and tons of fun. everytime I visit there I leave with a smile and bags of goodies to play with.

this store which again, very unique and such a wonderful group of artists. I met up with a couple of ladies I had met on-line and they took me to a book exhibit, lunch, and this. a home for artists and their studios where you can walk right in and watch them at work or purchase their wares. they also have workshops. so kewl! afterwards they took me shopping and then we met up with a whole whack of ladies for a fun night of creating, chatting and sharing. such great memories.

we have been there for the st. patrick's day parade. whoa! mardi gras! double whoa! and the world series when st. louis won. that happened right across the street from where we were staying. can you say chaos? kewl to witness it. we saw the old busch stadium, the rubble and the new stadium.

we were there when the st. louis blues played the edmonton oilers. talk about the minority! HA!

tons of kewl shops - galleria, union station, eye of the needle, art mart etc.

last year donna was there teaching a class and it was awesome to see her again. such fun! so many giggles!

some things we always said we would do while we were there - go to a ball game, take a tour of the city, go up the arch. hmmm... looks like I got some planning to do!


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you are


talented. Beautiful stuff!

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I second rachel's comment!