LOVE what you've got. - oprah

weekend bliss! why? not sure...but what would the other option be? weekend stress? NO thank you very much.

some things I'm up to, into and all around jazzed up about:

- friday night football - not my first choice for date night, but we are together. albeit with 30,000 other people, but together.

- ordered more of this. my skin loves the "olive me" skin care line. and I usually add something extra to try and this time I am trying this.

- hoping that I can see him while in vegas and excited to see her.

- finished reading this and this and this and am currently enjoying this.

- getting excited about this. in the mountains? yaw!

-I know I said "no way", but am now thinking about it.

and finally...even though it is a great idea to "love what you've got...sometimes it's fun to dream.


Gawdess said...

you are a busy, busy girl!!!!!!
whoa, and as always, inspiring!

Anonymous said...

you TOTALLY need to go to body worlds! I tried to go before I left but it never worked out. Hope your good in all the busyness!