I made this!

following right along with the "I made this!" project…

today I made - GREEN JUICE!

I am off caffeine - AGAIN!  doctor's orders,  so I thought I would pick up juicing again as my afternoon pick - me - up.  my recipe is super simple:  spinach, celery, cucumbers, lemon and apples.  I toss in ginger as well but I didn't have any, so sans ginger today.

my juicer of choice is the hurom original slow juicer HU-100.  I have been through many juicers and this one has been the best of all.  super easy to use and clean.  

 look at that green goodness flowing out!  YUM!  today I called it "green sunshine"
all ready for consumption!  SO good!  and I suppose we can say better than caffeine!  for those of you who have to give up caffeine or are trying to find an alternative I use dandy blend.  it's good people!  this coming from an italian gal, coffee snob, former barista who cannot live without her cappuccinos.  I whip some up in the morning and add steamed milk and non the wiser it tastes as good as my cappuccinos.
mmm…almost finished my juice and I can feel that energy coming back!  yay!

I made this!

with inspiration from Jamie Ridler.

every month I create handmade birthday cards for family and friends.  it is a way to reach out and say "thinking of you" even if we do not see each other throughout the year.  It saddens me to think that our snail mail is becoming a thing of the past.  I love receiving "art mail"!

this past week I was working on birthday cards for april and I was stuck!  stuck, stuck, stuck!  did not know where to start!  I had just finished participating in collecting birthday cards for a celebration where they needed 2000 cards.  our group created 250 cards!  you would think that through that I would have had some ideas!

I recently checked this book out of my local library and found my inspiration on page 112.  it was this piece by isaac tobin.

I cut some pieces out of white card stock to create the base for my cards.  I dug into my collage stash and found some music paper and grid paper to use for the background.  I applied it all with glue stick and trimmed the edges.  I liked the colour palette he used and tried to find similar colours in my stash of acrylic paints.  a few swipes of paint, a doodled birthday cake and some rubber stamped greetings and voila I was on my way to completing my cards for april.

I had some leftover collage pieces and paint on my palette so I grabbed another piece of card stock and used up the leftovers.  now I have a base ready to go for my next spark of inspiration!

art therapy

what do you do when you feel like you are being pulled into a million different directions?  what do you do when you feel like there is not enough of you to go around?  what do you when what you want to do has nothing at all to do with what needs to be done?  what do you do when you feel like someone is holding you underwater and you can't catch your breath?  what do you do when self-care doesn't even make the cut on the to do list?  what do you do when you are feeling so sucky and knee deep in questioning everything and everyone who crosses your path?


grab a sheet of paper - any paper!  mine happened to be arches HP.  bigger is better.

drop cloth and BIG paper!

  grab some paint and crank the tunes.  drip, dribble, swoosh and spritz, smear and whack!  move your whole body and let it all go preferably on the floor.
drips, spritz

  this simple act of floor painting takes you out of your comfort zone and gives you a totally new experience.  not to mention the fact that when life hands you shit you best drop to your knees and pray.

smear - use your hands!
 once you let it all go on the paper how about cutting it up into pieces and creating some "soul cards?"

cut into 4 x 6
add some words that inspire you, support you, remind you and comfort you.  little boosts of love that YOU created!  from yucky to beautiful!  how's your mood now?

all cut up and lettered
I YOU to try it out for yourself!

here are some pics of the rest...

round two!

if you missed the workshop last sunday we are looking forward to seeing you on November 3!  if you attended the workshop you are more than welcome to sign up again!  here are the details:

SOUL journey
with nadia munarolo-kurjata

it begins on the canvas.  it starts where you are.  it works at every level.

whatever change you want to CREATE will require new, creative energy.  allow me to guide you through creative exercises that will empower you in all areas of your life.  come and discover your "artist within".
*no previous art experience required.
*all supplies included

NOVEMBER 3 * 10 am - 4 pm * $99 * one fitness & yoga *info@onefitnessyoga.com

soul journey

I had the honour of guiding ten beautiful women through "soul journey" this past sunday at one fitness & yoga.  what an incredible day!  I love seeing how everyone begins with the same tools and techniques and ends up with something completely unique.

we began our day gathered in a circle.  some time to centre and share our intentions.  the cards surrounding the offering were made using some of the techniques covered in the workshop and the new artual stencils.  I shared a favourite poem and some thoughts on awakening the artist within us all.
setting up for the sacred circle
I am so thankful that I was able to share what I love and to witness the awakenings.  the highs and the lows - just like our lives!  the declaration "I am an artist!"  we gathered and became a tribe of love, support and encouragement throughout the day.

the day went by with more circle gathering, more poems, shaking to the music and getting our paint on!     we all worked on the sacred symbols that spoke to us.  one participant delighted me by closing her eyes and picking one.  "that is the one!" she proclaimed.  yes, each symbol will guide you and aid you with sacred energy!

a gathering of beauty inside and out
 winding down the class I felt so full.  full of gratitude, full of joy and wonder and grateful for the opportunity.  thank you beautiful ladies for your gift!  let me share with you the final poem of the day:

Love After Love

The time will come 
when, with elation 
you will greet yourself arriving 
at your own door, in your own mirror 
and each will smile at the other's welcome, 

and say, sit here. Eat. 
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart 
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you 

all your life, whom you ignored 
for another, who knows you by heart. 
Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, 

the photographs, the desperate notes, 
peel your own image from the mirror. 
Sit. Feast on your life. 

let's do this!


an experience like no other!  go here for more info.


you know when you say thank you to someone and it just doesn't seem like enough?  that's how I am feeling.  the cards I am currently holding are creating a royal flush in my life and I need to say thank you.  although I am also aware and grateful to myself for creating a lot of this goodness.  after all if we don't step forward no one is going to take that step for us.

and so I did.  I've been working very hard on healing myself.  with mom's passing it was time to take a look at my health again and start healing.  this is something that I do everyday and am still working on. I like to think of it as I do yoga - a practice.

with all the books I have read, listened to and attending speaking events I am seeing evidence of a shift.  it is pretty freakin' kewl to witness others and yourself embrace change.  I have felt moments of being so in tune with what is unfolding that I can't believe it myself.

one example of this is a workshop that I taught at The Paint Spot.  I was trying to figure out how to incorporate some of the exercises that I had learned in my recent training program.  with the help of my amazing coach Whitney we formed a plan that would include some of the work outs I learned and still allow for the calligraphy instruction to shine through.  I remember feeling the tension in the room as we gathered.  everyone had just come in from parking their cars, taking their coats off, arranging their supplies and sighing as they prepared to learn.  I started off with the scribble exercise and as we were working on our scribbles I could feel the tension melting.  when the exercise was complete the feeling was comparable to having just meditated.  I could feel the calm and see the change in their bodies.  unreal! try it yourself!

a few other things have happened that have really freaked my freak.  a discussion with my husband that could have easy escalated to one of my meltdowns found me "coaching" myself down from the ledge.  I felt the blood bubbling in my veins and I knew where I was headed but instead of going with it as I always had before I sat with it.  I felt it.  really felt it and it was kewl!  I went inside and really examined what was going on and how it really was not worth the fight.  I kept my cool and let it go.  I think my husband was surprised too.

then in the last week I have had my bank card and credit card compromised.  I leave for a month in two days!  no bank card and no visa while traveling abroad?  normally I would have been in a puddle on the floor.  tears streaming and perhaps yelling, but as I sat there and listened to my options I reminded myself to feel it.  I felt it and it felt like a big ole pile of shit on a platter but I let it go.  I said as much to the teller and she was thankful for how I was handling the situation.  I was grateful to her for all that she was trying to do to help me.

there are more instances where I feel much more confident in myself and I am so grateful for all the growth.  none of this happened without support.  support of all the resources out there on healing, grief,  friends and family.  a whole big tribe of goodness.  and of course my art.  a big ole bucket of healing with spoonfuls taken daily.  thank you!

and the big sha bang?  papa said yes!  yes to going to italy!  I am so grateful to him for believing in me and my dream of this trip.  he is fretting about packing for himself but of course I will help him out with that.  he has done a lot of healing too.  so proud of all the steps he has taken and his trust in me.  we have all been healing and now it is time to go have some fun and surround ourselves with more love and adventure!  woo!