real world etsy!

went to this yesterday after receiving a call from her squealing "ya gotta GO!"

and so I did...

and I LOVED it!

so much...

I wished I was a part of it and that we were vendors. it was surreal in a sense that it was everything we ever dreamed of under one roof. and here is a pic of my purchases or as I like to call them "local treasures".

I purchased vinyl wall lettering from here that says "...and they lived happily ever after..."

I bought some beautiful silver earrings and unfortunately there is no vendor name on them...(note to self - make sure company name is on product or product packaging - done)

I also bought a hat from her. such a sweet lady and so many beautiful hats to choose from! it was hard to pick just one!

my fave purchase of the day was the sweater. beautiful work by these girls. I am really trying to "dress up" but still be comfy so this is a perfect addition to my limited wardrobe!

in november there is another show similar to this called holiday stop and shop show. mark your calendars!

and buy local!

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Gawdess said...

quite the excellent haul!!!!!