kettle corn and lotto...

little things I enjoyed yesterday...

awesome freakin' run with miguel! that man is SICK! 7:06/km? WOO HOO! I am so serious about this next half that it is disgusting! LOL!

kettle corn from the farmer's market! have ya been? so ya know? ya...nough said.

more projects off my desk which makes me SO happy! it's the little things like getting all those little things completed. know what I'm talkin' bout?

if ya know me, ya know that I am the queen of procrastination and I have been holding the crown for the last five years. she has been trying and NOT working so hard to take it away from me, but let's face it - she is just too dedicated to even come close!

in my most recent procrastination I reorganized all my papers and got rid of a few that just don't appeal to me anymore. was that urgent? of course not! so while I was making pretty piles of colors and patterns I thought it would be a fabulous idea to make a little lotto book. my wednesday running group (f.r.e.d) buys lotto tickets every week. we had this ziploc baggie with our monies and tickets in it and our contract in case we win and well hey! let's make it pretty shall we? here is my end result:

it turned out awesome! want instructions? check it out here.

and TODAY? long run and please let it be as fantastic as wednesday and yesterday, PLEASE! thank you! I will share more pic of a few more projects that I have completed. whoa, is it spring cleaning? I freakin' wish! ciao!


Gawdess said...

omg! you are fast!!!!!!!!
you will obviously just leave me behind soon.
and the lotto booklet - so gorgeous, you are again, inspirational and creative - WOW

Catherine said...

Hey Nadia, thanks for visiting my blog...let me know if you'd like to
trade ATC's sometime! Have a great day, Catherine!

Sparkysparky said...

Which farmers market did you get the kettle corn at? I haven't been! (yet) :-)