hello monday!

my mish mash of flowers from my yard. what's left anyway! the vase is from birthday week when we went to crankpots. headed back there on thursday cause we had so much fun! join us!

the word is out about this. our team the "spicy italians" is joining forces again to raise money and walk/run 5 km to end cancer. we are recruiting new members so if you are interested and want a personalized t-shirt with "spicy italians" on it leave a comment and we will work out the details. if you are unable to join us on that day and just want to donate you can do so on the website and you can put it under my name if you like.

either or neither you can support us in spirit and this year more so than any other year as I lost my cousin to cancer and most recently my uncle. two too many for me! I am sure that everyone has been touched by it or knows someone who has it. let's get together and find a cure!

have a wonderful monday and be healthy!

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