full blue moon dreamboards

this is what I wish to manifest in january

* eat fresh foods

*be kinder to myself

*accept that I am not alone

*read more

*close the door to negative self talk

*be brave

*get outside more

*see the beauty

*be comfortable in my own skin

I did mine on a calendar so that I could have it hanging up and see it often to remind myself of what I wish to manifest. each month new goals, dreams and thoughts and beautiful visuals. how exciting!

thank you jamie!

christmas eve is here my friend...

santa and joey 2009

this year more than any other that I can remember I am really enjoying the holiday season. I think the reason for that is that I have allowed myself to relax more. don't get me wrong I still am a list maker and that keeps me on track, but this year was better. this year I was not rushing around trying to get things done. I slowed down and let a few things go.

less about presents and more on the REAL gifts in my life.

mom and dad - photo by kath
my parents who are doing as well as can be. things have fallen into place and more days than few are good. they are smiling more and living more. they gave me life and love and I am so thankful that I am able to call them up or see them anytime I want.

michael - christmas party 2009
my love, who is my rock. every time I turn around he's got my back. he puts up with me and my family and he married me three times! seriously, I would go on choosing him today, tomorrow and all the days of my life. such a precious gift.

nadia and dan - holiday decorating 2009
my baby, my boy, my son who listens, learns and loves with his whole heart. I am truly thankful for the gift of him and am so happy that he is home for christmas.

wishing you and yours a very merry christmas, happy holidays and many wonderful moments.

dan has left the building...


my baby moved out and left me in a puddle of tears...

oh I held back in front of him...

assured him that I was no less than proud as a peacock with him and for all that he has accomplished in his life and mostly in the last year. he found himself a house full of character which is what I always wished would rub off on him. I wanted him to head out into that big world with some simplicity in his pocket. that life is not about the things you buy, but about the things you make. you can buy a house, but you make a home.

watching him load up his things and head out the door filled me with so many emotions. years of memories under this roof. many a video game was played sitting on that green rug. gingerbread houses built on that table. rocking him to sleep in that chair. holding him tight when he wanted to run away. much yelling of "MMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOM!". loads of tea was sipped. years of homework. reading books together in bed and most recently playing video games. banging drums and piano playing. writing songs and recording them with his solo band. creating halloween costumes. playing swords. cooking fabulous meals for us. beanie babies and land before time. band aids and body odor. many chats about what was troubling him and what his dreams are.

I have been the lucky one throughout his life. I have been able to be there in those moments of his firsts. his first breath was the greatest gift ever and from that moment on I was excited for each new day. I have loved watching him grow up and become who he is and I so look forward to all that he has yet to do.

I will miss him buckets. I will miss his guitar playing and singing heard throughout the house. I will miss his hug and kiss and I love you before he leaves the house.

I will be sad.

just a little.

I will miss more moments than I would like , but gosh I have many to hold in my heart.

I wish you much joy my son. I wish for you a home filled with love, honesty and laughter. keep singing, keep smiling and keep dreaming. you are amazing in every way. never be less than you can be and never stop loving life!

love you more...


are you serious?

-59 F with the wind chill this morning. brrrrr frickin' brrrr!

I really don't think anything could cheer me up right now except for maybe...

baking grandma's cookies and christmas cheer!

bring on the hot chocolate, marshmallows, antipasto, cheese, crackers and sausage and for sweet treats toss in a little shortbread and nanaimo bars! if ya got some rum and nog come on over!

have ya heard about this? and there is a discount code! go order yourself a christmas gift! and maybe one for a friend?

congratulations linda and karen!
after a lengthy discussion on the commercialization of christmas we headed out for a picture with santa...

you will notice how happy santa is? seems he was getting tired of the kidlets and wanted some grown up fun. we told him what we wanted for christmas and told him how we all had been real, real good this year. yup, well, we made a memory and we got candy to boot!

well, the weather outside is frightful...

BUT inside we are HOT, HOT, HOT! it is mexican fiesta night in our casa!

7 layer dip and empanadas - ole! and probably a couple of beer margaritas as well. oh yeah, nothing like food and booze to chase those winter blues away.

today's question:

what do max...

and joey...

have in common other than they are both dogs? absolutely nothing! well one thing for sure! max is a sun dog and joey? SNOW dog! loved romping around in the snow today.

and sparky?

he is a FLOOR dog!