studio stories

at one time my studio was in the basement. low light, carpet, but tons of room. too much room! then the boy decided he wanted to take over the basement and so I moved my studio upstairs. it is brighter, no carpet, but very little room compared to the basement.

before I moved upstairs I painted, I purchased new furniture and I got rid of tons of stuff so that I could fit into the new room. over the years I have purchased more furniture and bought more stuff and so the circle continued.

at least once or twice a year I get this itch to change it up. this usually happens when I feel like ignoring all the "should do's" and just want to spend a week going through all my stuff and tossing what I haven't used and moving furniture around.

the before is the first attempt this year.


I removed some furniture and changed the set up and a few months later I still felt crowded and unhappy. I was working on a quilt in the kitchen a few weeks back and while cutting, sewing and moving around the table I realized something. I really liked the extra space! so I decided to move the studio into the kitchen! NOT!

I went through everything as per usual, but this time I removed the bigger table and reconfigured the two small tables. I also removed the tall unit and took some things off the walls. the result makes me very happy. it feels bigger, less cluttered and brighter. and tonight I spent time in my "new" room creating up a storm. will share pics soon!


are you sure you are ready for this?

a slow start,
to a powerful beginning.
it is as if being sick,
has helped me to see,
that I am ready to heal.

I have been quite sick the last few weeks. sick like "bang me on the head and knock me out sick". I don't know where the hell it came from, but that isn't important. I had been feeling lately like I needed a break. time to think and time to move forward. move forward with so many things. release the fear and really be "brave".

I question whether or not I am ready for the challenge. I ask myself as others have asked of me "are you sure you are ready for this?" let me ask you this I say - did you know when you started college that you were ready? when you got married. did you know you were ready? after you announced you were pregnant and people asked "are you ready for this?"

I think in our gut we know when it is time. I do not believe that we can know with 100 % conviction that we are ready for anything. I think we make a choice - yes or no - and we do it or we don't.

I also believe that this recent bout of supreme yuck was to tell me that I am ready. it is okay to take off a layer of protection and take the first step.

I have coughed out the gremlins and blew my nose till I could breathe again. my lungs feel stronger and head clear. I am gonna do it and it will probably be one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

missing you...