looking for a challenge? inspiration?

take a class! or at the very least check out the links I've provided!

I signed up for this class on the very last day at the very last minute. mostly because I tend to be a bit of an on-line class junkie and because at times I have been disappointed. but this time I am SO glad I took the plunge! "get your paint on" is taught by mati mcdonough and lisa congdon. two amazing artists that I have been following for awhile. mati's artwork hangs on my inspiration wall and I missed lisa's workshop put on by my good friend angela and so I thought if I could get both of these artist's together and learn from them then I better not let this one slide by.

although the class is not yet complete I thought I would share some of the pieces I have been working on and the inspiration that I have found through taking this class.

this was my first week's painting and it was inspired by gee's bend quilts. the colors were inspired by papaya tissue paper.
second week's painting was inspired by flora bowley. this is the same week I fell and had my arm in a sling so I used my fingers to paint.

and then a second attempt where I played around with colors and a quote both inspired by kelly barton.
third week I was inspired by beatriz milhazes. I am "in love" with her work! beautiful!
I felt like I made a mess of the first one and so attempted a second one. not as crazy, but still bold black graphic that I wanted to have on the piece.
this week I was inspired by olaf hajek. crazy wild art! LOVE IT!
so why post this before the class has ended? because I had an awakening this week. usually when I paint I am using mixed media. this class has challenged me to just use paint. I have learned oodles about "just paint". it has been stressful at times. I have had the "ugly cry" moments, but I kept pushing forward. I learned patience and the quality of time as opposed to quantity of pieces. this week in particular I found myself painting in an almost meditative state. a retreat of sorts with paint. I found quiet and relaxed moments where I lost track of time and to do lists. albeit I cannot possibly do this everyday...or can I?

I have kept up with the schedule of this class unlike so many other on-line classes. I have received incredible support from a new on-line community of artists that I may not have otherwise met. I truly felt like a painter this week. thank you lisa and thank you mati for such a beautiful course filled with amazing inspiration and support!

the ideas for my new studio have been swirling around in my head. SO excited to see it all come together. in a few short months I will be sitting in front of a beautiful big window and I cannot wait to "get my paint on" there!

challenge is good continued...

on one of the days I was kicked out the house for a showing I ended up at value village. I've been admiring all the handmade ceramics on the internet and tried to think of how I could replicate them. I'm always inspired by alisa. she makes beautiful things out of stuff that you would never think of. her creativity blows my mind and so I thought why not try it?

I started with a tiny plate under a dollar!

it was one of those little keepsake plates from ottawa.
I started by coating the front with gesso.
I then tried some soft molding paste and sanded it down. mixed some colors together to give it that off white look.
added the word "fly" with rubber stamps. I actually pushed the rubber stamps into the paint and paste and then smeared some black paint over top so that the word would pop.

I love the way it turned out!

challenge is good...

one of the ways I find to move forward in my art is to challenge myself on a regular basis. I participated in quite a few challenges last year to get my art motor running again. one of the ones that caught my eye was from la wendula.

get a box filled to the brim:

pick out a few items:
create something using those items:

replace with the same number of items you took out:

she is hosting another one, check it out!

Happy LOVE day!
I plan on spreading some love today while running around doing errands and I encourage you to do the same. remember all those extra valentine's I could not stop making? yup! I will be doing a little guerilla art and leaving here there and everywhere. fun!