here is day 6 & 7of the 21 DC. laurie commented that I might be a bit behind in my pages. do ya think? lol! I will tell you what I am not behind on! water! woo baby! hyrdate! today was group study with my ecs buddies. a little chit chat, a little book making, a little lettering, a little gilding.....a little homework. I will share more when it is complete.

the weekend begins and that can only mean one thing! no mail! agh! I have been eagerly awaiting this. as a matter of fact all the chatter has caused me to go in between tracking my package to my local store to see if copies are actually in the city. I have the first book "Visual Chronicles" and it is well used. go and check out the sisters. join the art army, rise up and create! really awesome! what would be even more awesome is if I went and checked the mail box and the book was sitting there waiting for me.....gotta go!

Day 5 of the 21 Day Challenge

this was a really fun page to do cause I didn't really DO it. during "art tuesday's" session I pulled out a piece of watercolor paper and had it on the table beside the project I was working on. anytime I needed to stamp off reminants of ink or brush off some extra paint or double stamp a stencil I did it on this paper. I LOVE the way it turned out. no plan in place, just free. a "paper accident" of sorts.

in other news.....the running is now down to tapering and something called "carb loading". hmmm......interesting! I received my list of what to pack, race day prep and post race. honestly I was not the least bit freaked out until they started talking about things like, no pedicure the week before, no bikini wax (darn!), huh? don't clip your toe nails...file them, wha? nu-skin on parts that may blister....are you kidding me? pace bands and film canisters, imodium and motrin? okay, breathe....I am just going to run and I am going to enjoy every single second of it because I can. I CAN run! this may be my one and only marathon so I want it to be the best it can be. alright, good, there, said it......enough for now and for sure more later and probably avec a photo or two of the blubbering idiot crossing the finish line. I have already lectured M about how I do not want any eye contact until at least 38 km. If I see that face before then I may be forced to hurt you in a big way. I will either be hurting so bad that I will be angry or I will be so emotional that I will be sobbing. Nah! I am gonna smile and sing along to Jon Bon Jovi the whole way. If there was anytime that he could come through for me it would be wanna make a memory? oh yeah baby!

cReAtE aRt?

look what I made! did I mention my weekly habit? I buy myself flowers. yup, I do! every week! fresh flowers! occasionally I whip up some arrangements for fun. I worked on this one last night. square vase, river rocks, oasis, an assortment of flowers, greenery and VOILA! I stood back and said "I think I found my calling". to which my partner replied "oh no you di int, do you know how many hours you would have to work....mother's day, christmas, weddings....etc." ah well, I didn't finish the program so technically I am not a certified floral designer, but I am having fun!

on another note I had a seriously creative day. seriously! I made an amazing.....I can't even tell you. can't show you! it's for M's birthday and I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it is kewl! I started my travel journal for st. louis. I am using supplies from
this kit and am really excited about how it is turning out so far. I will post pics as soon as it is complete. the 21 day challenge stuff is coming too! whew! I just don't want to stop making stuff today! love these kind of days!

Day 4 of the 21 Day Challenge

Well, here it is! Am I loving it? Not really, but I am loving the fact that this whole idea is totally working for me! Awesome! Hard day today....nails done, massage, 20 minute dinner......I'm exhausted! LOL! Great things happening with my partner. Tons of talking, working together, figuring out the plan and making things happen! Yes! Can't give too much away, but head over here tangible for a sneak peak!

Day 3 of 21 Day Challenge

Whew! Where has this week gone to? I blinked and it is Thursday night! New season of Survivor begins tonight!

Here is the page I did for Day 3. The challenge has been going really well. There now I've gone and jinxed myself! Pretty much I have been filling two 32 ounce bottles each morning and I drink 'em up before I hit the sack. Eight glasses DONE! Any other liquids are pretty much extra. Of course it is making a HUGE difference with the running. I know that it does it is just a matter of getting into the habit again. Second thing I was trying to change was to find things that I like about myself. Hard to do! I excel at finding things wrong and point them out to all who will listen. Good stuff happening though with this. Feels good to feel good. Third part was to fuel the body and complete the marathon. Food intake has been excellent. Good proportions of what I need and tummy is happy. All good! Complete Marathon? Yeah....we will be talking more about that later! 10 km tonight and got caught in the rain during the last 5 km. brrr!

Day 2 of the 21 Day Challenge

- page complete (journaling is behind the success side)
- water consumption is right on the eight glasses (I feel like I am at sea!)
-the thing I chose that I like about myself for today is my calves. I know, silly! but with all the running they have become quite defined and no more jiggles! I like that!
-started out for the 32 km run today and had to stop after 10 km. bad things started happening all around and so I gave in. I listened to my body! had my good cry and brushed myself off that and a few cookies. yeah not so good on fueling the body today either. 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

Day 1 of the 21 Day Challenge

I did it! Day 1! Completed my page just under the wire. Here is the pic. Three goals!
#1 - 8 glasses of water - everyday!
#2 - improve self-esteem, write down one thingI like about me - everyday
#3 - fuel my body and complete the marathon

and finally "don't quit, CHANGE your life"

21 Days - 3 Weeks

While surfing the World Wide Web I came across this 21 Day Challenge. As I started checking into it even more it became apparent that the orginator's blog was gone and so although I had tons of photos and entries about how wonderful this was I had no more than that. Then today I find this blog. Got the journal and gonna start tomorrow! What habit do I need to make or break in 21 Days - 3 Weeks? Hmmm.....