could it be?

as I looked out my window this morning I noticed a yellow clothed figure on the roof a few doors down. santa? no, he wears red. cupid? no he wears nothing. easter bunny? no, fluffy white ears and tail. then smack it hits me. just another dumb ass who thought it would be a good idea to get up on his roof using his rickety old ladder and try to remove the ice and snow himself. hey dumb ass! not everyone has a law degree. some people actually make a living removing snow from roofs. you should pay THEM to do it.

and then there is the dogs. the little one "joey" thought it would be a good idea to walk across the tundra and get up as high as he could to see if it was santa. the slats are actually part of our fence and yes we have that much snow!

and the other dog "sparky" who I watched tumble down the stairs with I guess aspirations of becoming a gymnast and then slide down the sidewalk to the detached garage door. oh c'mon you would've giggled too! but then he is digging away at the snow bank probably looking for dry land I assumed. well after awhile I decide to brave the icy walk to see what he has found that is so interesting. okay, so another dumb ass left a jar of bird seed outside and it was buried in the snow, but sparky the bloodhound that he is found IT! and then proceeded to inhale as much of it as he could in the time that I was out of sight.

now I somehow hurt my back. be it from shoveling, pushing people out of the snow or running around keeping the house tidy. so I say to sparky "now I love ya, but if you die on my watch your body will remain where it lies until someone can come and pick you up."

house tidy? yes, it is official we are on the market and headed for condo living. in the process of showing the home to potential buyers we have been out looking for appliances. now I am in love with my stove, but have been convinced that all new appliances is the way to go. I just need it to boil, bake and fry. that's it! I do not need it to boil in 90 seconds. I do not need it to free the little cleaners for self cleaning. I do not need a warming drawer. very hard to find a basic stove. so I find one that I am happy with and the damn thing has buttons on it that say "crispy pizza" and "chicken nuggets". WTF?

I can not live my life cooking and looking at buttons that say crispy pizza and chicken nuggets. I say to the salesman "how do you know what size my nuggets are" which ends in roaring laughter. but seriously? so I upgrade to the next one and end up another $300.00 into shiny NEW appliance heaven.

crazy busy around here as both men have abandoned me for warmer climates. doing poop patrol which is so fun! apparently bird seed for dogs is equal to corn for humans. and did I mention that once bird seed is spilled, eaten, pooped and come back to life that it travels? oh yes! it travels into the house. on my boots! fucking bird seed poop boots!

I am one click away from booking my flight. united says I have to use my air miles before the end of march and I hate to disappoint people! seeing as that is probably not going to happen I will just drown myself in percocet.

I did manage to steal away some time in the studio though and completed the challenge for our guild meeting next week. here is a peek:
then for some bizarre reason I started making valentine's. like I am in grade frickin' two or something. anyway, I would cut out a heart and then before throwing away the other part I would stick it on the next one and so on till I used up a whole bunch of little bits. weird! but good therapy!


it's raining outside as I write this. real rain. like april showers rain except that it's january and there is snow on the ground not green grass.

sometimes we say when it rains, it pours or when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. or in my case when three tulip petals fall off in front of you while eating breakfast you make ART.

it all began with this:
and ended up looking like this.

I really tried to challenge myself (as if I have nothing better to do) as far as mediums. I dug out the walnut ink and stained the wood. I kept adding layers till I liked the effect. I sketched in the tulip petal shape and began layering color with acrylic paint, pencil crayons and outlined with a fine tip black pen. I wanted the petals to pop and so I added some dimensional medium.

for some reason I always feel the need to add words to my pieces and this time I chose "life". cause sometimes life throws you things that you need. you learn, you grow and you evolve. I loved the challenge of keeping it to a few products and seeing what developed. it is fun to experiment with what you have and it all started with tulip petals falling in front of me. hmmm...

3 things

dress for the elements
artwork by linda woods
have good coffee on hand to warm you
"in my mind" by nadia
and make some art...

building blocks...

new home in progress
remember building blocks from when you were a kid? okay, I actually remember lego. I loved lego. build stuff, take it apart and make something new. lego is impossible to break. I still have my original lego collection. colors are still bright and I can still make a beautiful house out of my bricks, doors and windows.

ever since I was introduced to david whyte and the house of belonging I have been building my own house of belonging.

"dream home" journal page
I've been working on moving out of our house and finding a new home. we found one and we waited and waited till it happened. and now we are a few short months away from a move.

clearing out the old crap has never been difficult for me. things are just that - things. we all have crap we get rid of and are glad to see it go. then there are the treasures. the lego, the walls, the itty bittys. it took years to make this house a home. we love it here. we love everything about our home, our neighborhood and our favorite haunts.

two steps forward and one step back. we talk about new furniture and decorating and then we sigh at the memory wall. all the bumps and scratches from people moving in and out of the basement. so many good memories happened within these walls. bad times too. some really bad times.

I guess we are all moving in one way or another. be it moving locations, moving forward, moving ideas around. life is a building block. we build it up. admire and take pride in our work and sometimes it all falls apart. I guess the biggest thing I learned in 2010 was that it is all a part of building our house of belonging. not just in the actual build a house example, but building a life. a life that is ours. that is us.

artwork by linda woods
our new home will be an adventure. it may feel like we are on vacation for awhile and it may take years to bring it all together so that it truly is us. but it will be...

and finally LOVE...

love set in stone

love of friends

friends married with children

moments of love

reunited love

love of my second mom

huge family love

new family love

unknown family love from australia
this man, so full of love

love graffiti
i will love you for all my life

roadside love

etched love

splash of paint love

denim love

love of my fellow travelers