ciao bella
march 11, 1939 - july 20, 2012

faves on friday

this week has been hot, hot, hot!

I treated myself with one of these.

just finished listening to this - awesome memoir!

starting today this is sure to inspire and I am excited to see artists from all over the world.

movie of the week was this.

what are some of your faves?

faves on friday

I have fallen in love with lena dunham!  thank you jenny!  "tiny furniture" was right up my alley!

the funny thing is once I saw her name at the start of the movie I knew it was the same girl from this:

I've been enjoying listening to the interviews from here!

since I am not able to attend in person I was super thrilled when they started on-line workshops.  just finished up with alena and gearing up for sarah.

I have not been sleeping much lately as I am dreaming about an adventure with one of my sistas.  it also includes two nights with this beautiful man.  oh my,  I may never come back...
meanwhile have a listen!

tell your story

once upon a time I discovered rubber stamps and many, many years ago while I was in st. louis I made a long trip to find a stamp store.  I fell in love with her designs.  the following year the stamp store moved to her family's home and another long trip to buy more of her beautiful stamps.  but this trip was different.  I was beside myself when I was able to meet her and watch her create beautiful art using her stamps.  it was my first experience watching an artist work.  I was in love and  I remember how kind she was.  she showed me her work and I remember her desk and her tools and how she was surrounded by materials to create with.  at that moment I started to dream.  I dreamt that one day I too would have a space where I could play, create and perhaps inspire others.

during that trip my husband and I met her family.  over the course of the next few years we spent many moments together and it became more than a story about an artist and her art.  we became friends and every year looked forward to our trip to st. louis to see them.  she supported me and encouraged me.  she was always generous with her time and her artwork.  over the years I watched how she evolved.  new ventures and additions to the family.  I will never forget the time we spent together.  unfortunately our yearly trips stopped as my husband no longer had business in st. louis.  we fell out of touch for awhile, but with the beauty of the internet and blogging I found her and we reconnected.

and again I am in awe of her talent and her desires and how she continues to dream and evolve.  she is always supportive of others art and aspirations.  just as I remember her way back when.  kind, generous and that beautiful smile that lights up a room.  I am sharing her story with you and hope that you will support her too.