crazy, busy, crazy, angry, crazy, happy...

this must be the thing they call menopause? not sure. anywho I have been gone for a while so let me fill you in on what has been happening around these parts.

1. a mini road trip to here.

which also included a bit of partying...

2. a little make & take session here and a class where I along with her
created this...and taught others how to do one too...

both really excellent times and very relaxing for me so where is the angry?

let's start with dad shall we? backtrack to dad in pain, dad in tons of different treatments to relieve pain, dad in hospital with pneumonia, hooked up to oxygen with a shadow on his lung, me worried sick, running out of time, must make the most of each moment I have left, dad quits smoking while in the hospital after smoking for over 50 years, pride, happiness, pain is gone, new life, tell everyone how amazing he is, my hero. click on last week where dad says he is going for a puff and he is not joking! WTF? he has been secretly taking puffs for awhile and I am ANGRY about that!

next, the house next door parties on any given night and doesn't stop till the morning where I am still inhaling smoke, drugs and listening to fire crackers going off and the air horn. SHUT UP ALREADY!

third, 15 km run tomorrow where my plan was to beat him. make him sweat to the finish line and cheer him on through, of course! so this morning my little friend decides to come for a visit. WTF? cramps, migraine, and ANGER!

and mostly I am angry at her...

and I am not sure why...

eyes wide open...

I've heard of christmas in july, but halloween in june? this one's for Kath who always inspires me to keep my eyes wide open. I saw this weeks ago and finally had my camera with me to take a shot.

also caught this baby bunny while walking with Val. we were worried that it had lost it's mama, but when we came back around it was gone. so little that we almost didn't see it. such beautiful colored fur and so still. I didn't want to get too close, but I think it is a pretty good shot.

just woke up from what seems like my daily three hour nightly nap. not sure what is happening, but everyday for the last few days I conk out. no waking me and no reason for me to be this exhausted. really!

today was "lost" studio day. we only had time for some "quickies". hee hee! you will see what I mean shortly. keep checking for updates to next weeks class and you will see what I mean and don't forget to leave answer our question for the june blog prize!


YAY ME! finally!


been trying to upload a music video of dan....hmmmmm....

friday the 13th?

been gone awhile.  lots happening around here.  my cousin made it through her surgery and will hopefully be home tomorrow.   keep up the good thoughts/prayers for her please.  they are working!  she amazes me with her courage.  go mary!

mom went for her first treatment and dad said not to say anything to her, but he thinks she is walking better.  cute.

and me?  still not doing the dairy or the gluten and will continue without for at least a couple of months.  I feel 100% better and I hate to whine....but I miss pizza!  just sayin'.  I found some lactose free cheese today and bought some italian salami.  I didn't want to chance it today as I am teaching tomorrow.  I may try to make a pizza concoction on Sunday eve and see how it goes.

dan has decided to join the blog world.  check it out!
send him some love!  he has had a rough week.  lots to juggle and make sense of.  dealing with things that even grown ups have a hard time understanding.  love you dude!  maybe you could make me the pizza?

sparky has surgery on his eye and is resting comfortably and running into everything and everybody with his elizabethan collar.  max has the scars to prove it.  poor pups.

thinking a lot about life and time and lack of.  priorities and choices.  time wasters and stress.  tons to think about and sort out.   I want it different.  I am going to be changing things up.   no messing with what is working, but weeding out the bad, the useless and the downright yuck out of my life.  it's time.  with all that has happened in the last year it makes you stop and say hey!  hey you!  ya you!  cut that shit out!  just be and let 'IT' be okay.  laurie bought me this shirt last year that says "it is ok" and it is.  I'm just aching right now - shine on baby, shine on!

hand it over and no one gets hurt...

apparently the fine folks at our pharmacy are not, I repeat NOT going to give me THREE more pills. THREE! for the love of pete can a girl get some help? the hospital doc prescribed the medication and my doctor will not prescribe over the phone and because I just started the drug and yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah. WHATEVER! the pharmacist says to me "it's not like you will die if you don't take the pills for a couple of days". well, no, but I might commit murder! anyway, it is out and I feel a little less like killing someone and hope that the pain will contain itself until I get back to the doctor's tomorrow. test results! yay! fingers crossed that I don't have an alien growing inside my stomach and I don't mean baby. not pregnant, has already been confirmed.

and the highlight of my day yesterday was what I witnessed at the check out. new clerk (trainee badge) tells lady with three small children that she needs to go back to the shoe department and grab a pair with a tag on them. she tells her two small children to stay there and not move, huh? WTH? the man in front of me chimes in and says "I'll go" and off he goes to grab the shoes. comes back and I turn to to him and say "btw very nice thing you just did". "oh it was nothing" he said. but it was HUGE in my books! cause I normally witness people yelling at clerks about how slow they are or why the hell are there only three open tills and so on. so it was nice to see that there are still some humans out there. then we watched everyone behind us dash to the newly opened till as we smiled and stayed right where we were. no hurry here.

off to the lost studio for some cd. new classes are up here.

time flies, enjoy the ride...

from this....

to this...

in the blink of an eye!

friday night the grad banquet was awesome. loved watching them all dressed up and enjoying being together. of course the boys were ready to party asap! the parents came together and it was great. I knew the day would come. I wanted it to happen. for him. and it finally did. and it couldn't have been better.

saturday night I attended a surprise baby shower at treasured memories for anam. a weekend that started with the end of high school and into the celebration of a new life.

I love pregnant women. can I just say that? love their beauty. the glow of their skin. anam was glowing and so beautiful. just think about it for a minute. a new life inside her that she is nurturing and holding till the day of arrival into this big beautiful world. how kewl is that? maybe it is because I have one child and thought I would have more. I enjoyed my pregnancy and loved being pregnant. I just wish I would have stopped and lived more in the moment and appreciated it. I was at a rough time in my life. I did what I had to do to make it. one day at a time. I guess that is why when I see new mom's I remind them to enjoy every single second. it flies by and it is precious. enjoy the bumps along the road.

dan said "what now?" "school is over and then what?" he has no immediate plans to attend school or travel so I think he kind of felt lost. I told him to look at it as a new beginning. HIS life and how he will now carve his own path. whatever he decides to do he will do with passion. I love the man he has become and am confident that this next step in his life will be a RIDE! enjoy it dan!