drum roll please...

3, 2, 1 and we are LIVE! and.....ACTION!

jazz hands, happy dance, confetti throwing! woo hoo!

very happy! joyful in fact! and excited to inspire new faces and reconnect with friends. in new places and familiar hot spots. new is good and how appropriate that tomorrow is the first day of Spring?

yes, cheers to the new and cheers to my partner. I promise to stand by you, knee deep in paper or up to our elbows in paint, in good times and in bad, through richer and poorer and ya just can't forget in sickness and in health cause baby WE have been there! LOL! thanks for all your hard work along the way and for the next fifty years! LOL!

off to make-up, wardrobe and hair before the interview...


I received this card from Linda a while ago and when I saw it this morning it hit me. Like an "a ha" moment. that slap upside the head reminding you to slow down and appreciate all the magical moments NOW. no waiting for later after the ironing is done (but it is) or after the bed is made (done), but NOW.

a little peek at the magic that happened last night and how I so love it and love him:

M: are you in? are you designing the t-shirt? deadline is March 20. go for it!

D: sorry ma. I don't have anything ready for it! I really wish I had prepared something but Andrew C. and Patty are being lame and don't want to. I haven't had time to get something together with anyone else and I don't really want to roll solo.

M: I say you go with that bowie song and solo it and blow their minds! do it! or the "get out" which I also love. the one you wrote today is pretty sw - eet too! Is it still kewl to say sweet? dad told me on Saturday that telling him his shoes were cute was wrong. damn! I did that to you too, didn't I? I am so not kewl sometimes! Yet other times I am too kewl for school! LOL! love you and I am listening to Karly right now cause my son still has not given me a cd to download onto i-tunes! hint! I do go to your site though and listen to the songs. I love your voice and listening to you play guitar. It makes me happy!

D: Thanks Ma. I'm scared to solo it, I dunno. You're damn cool mom, the only thing that holds you back is when you worry about being cool. Remember: the true essence of cool is knowing you're cool but not knowing why or even speaking of it.

M: LEAP child LEAP and the net will follow. I read that somewhere once. Not the child part, but the leap and the net will follow. heck I did that today and I was scared shitless and somehow I made it through and I feel so much more confident and excited about what is to come. Cool? Kewl! I love you baby!

one of those little surprises as I checked my e-mail before going to bed and then had a little magical moment with my super kewl son!

tons on the go today as far as "Art Tuesday" goes. a little surprise we are working on for one of our neighborhood store owners and then photos for another exciting project in the works. hang on to your shorts! we are off and running! kewl?

now off you go to "enjoy the magic as it happens".

run fatboy run!

average day....run....eat.....create....eat....sleep.....WHAT? Yup, I took a nap this afternoon and if felt good. I must have needed it cause my body just said "do it". this evening was spent sighing and laughing with a running buddy and her hubby. Dave do you run? not yet? Kath grab the spatula! check it out:

more art journal pages:

and if you are still with me:

my boy enjoy!

be yourself, for real

this picture was taken at the end of the day. after brunch, after visiting, after laughing, singing and enjoying each others company. I took about 150 photos that day and this one makes me happy every time I look at it. I think he was probably trying to tell me to stop taking pictures of him or that being yourself for real includes a bit of silliness now and then. I choose the later and love that at 75 he can still be silly now and then.

and here are some recent journal pages:

I think the world stopped spinning.....

Then again they threw in daylight savings just to try and break me! I have lost an hour everyday since, literally! And SO.....

Papa is home! yay! He looks SO good and the best news is that he is now a non-smoker! double yay! yup, every morning he slaps a patch on and calls it his pack of smokes for the day. good. Mom is trying as well and even though she says she quit and we all know that she is sneaking out for a smoke we love her for trying.

Zio Bepi is gone and that is sad. I had the most amazing visit with him this time around. While Papa was in the hospital Zio and I would let Ma and Pa have a visit and we would go grab a coffee and shoot the shit. Too much fun! So many great stories and views on life, death and family. I learned so many things from listening to him and have wonderful memories of our coffee dates. I was fortunate enough to be able to take him all the way to the gate before his departure. Another special moment. Just him and I saying see ya later and not good bye.

In the meantime and in between time I have started back with the running. Even threw in a long walk with a great friend and a free yoga class with another friend. Reconnecting with everyone and gearing up for new and exciting things relating to "Art Days". Seems that my little partner has been networking just a teensy bit while I was on hiatus. Stay tuned! Dan is graduating for real and I have the pictures to prove it! yikes! damn proofs!