holy stinky butt batman!

so here I am sitting in the studio minding my own business. you know reading e-mail, doing the daily blog read and eating breakfast when all of the sudden I hear this noise. LOUD! and I turn and look at this face:

which looks like a face saying "WHAAAA TT?" and come to the conclusion that it was him.

sparky bolted for the door upon hearing said noise. I grabbed onto the table cause the room was vibrating from the force. and the SMELL! good god dog what did you eat?

and so I open the window to get a little fresh air only to discover hurricane type winds and it is blowing north which means it is pushing the smell back in.

I put the face mask on for a bit and when I figure it is safe and that he has left the room I remove it. I am thinking to myself that was wierd when he comes back in for what I assume is an apologetic lick, but NO! another stinky dog fart!

I may have to leave the house to get away from him or attach one of those pine air freshner thingies to his tail.

and how's your thursday?


Anonymous said...

roflol!!! my dog does that too....that is why we have started calling him toxicbutt.

Anonymous said...

haha maybe it was his way of saying he wanted to go for a walk.

Gawdess said...

it wasn't him! just look at that face - he was framed!