they say I'm a dreamer...

i-phone rings...

me: hey!

dan: hey, ma ya gotta help me to remember something, k?

laurie: 42!

dan: 42?

me: stop it! what is it dan?

dan: oh, shit, I forgot! hang on...OH YEAH! ali said that I should go to radio and broadcasting school and become a deejay!

me: okay....

dan: so I need you to remind me that I want that to be my career.

me: you want remind YOU that your life long dream is to be a deejay?

laurie: giggling

me: giggling

dan: yeah? okay?

me: okay dan, no problem! I can hook you up!

dan: cool...okay gotta go!

me: love ya dan.

dan: love ya too ma!

at least it includes music....

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