happy birthday papa!

dad's birthday tomorrow and he will be 72! woo hoo! considering that in february we were not sure what was going on with his health that we celebrated extra hard! okay not really! your usual italian sunday brunch consisting of steak, potatoes, beans, garlic bread and caesar salad. all of dad's favourites and chocolate cake for dessert. yum! don't ask why we eat dinner for brunch. it just is and has been since I can remember.

and we had FUN! expensive fun, but it was fun! we bought dad a set of "i love lucy" dvds. mom and dad used to watch her show all the time and I can remember the laughter and so I thought it would be fun. he opened it and was kinda puzzled as to what it was. at the moment of puzzlement "the man" says "hey, are those dvds?" to which I reply "uh, yes". and then it hits me. kinda like a frying pan in the face. I turn to my dad all quick like and say "yeah, so there is another part to your present". I run downstairs, dust off the dvd player and apologize for not wrapping it and hand it to him. he puts down the dvds and picks up the dvd player like I just gave him a gold brick. "is there a remote control?" of course dad, one second. I run back downstairs and grab the remote and hand it to him. big smile and big hug. dad is happy cause he has a new toy. mom is happy cause she really loves lucy! "the man" is puzzled as he watches his dvd player leave the house. I am happy cause I am such a super duper quick thinker! yay ME!

and then the phone call tonight about how he couldn't hook it up and get it to work and if we are not to busy someday soon could we....? so tomorrow we are headed over there to hook the damn thing up. so I added it up:

I love lucy dvd set - $20.00
dvd player - $50.00 (second hand so I discounted)
gas - $ 5.00

one less thing to dust - PRICELESS!


Gawdess said...

that is something that I would so do!
great picture of you btw, you look awesome.

Susan Beth said...

That is funny!