hump day, jump day....

ah yes! that messy disaster is my desk. only part of the piles that surround me today and I am putting on my red cape and plowing through tons today cause I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. fuel up and GO! that was for you baby.

so if we were to do this in my favorite method of the common to-do list mine would look something like this:

today to - do

- cook turkey breast for sammy's and salad's
- take pups for a walk
- laundry
- catch up on this
- send out invites
- journal art in swap journal
- finish up august project for lost and found
- grad announcements
- grad album
- birthday cards
- tidy up studio
- post office

when all I really want to do is this:

ah screw it....I'll go to the gym...

-happy wednesday-

1 comment:

Gawdess said...

love the perspective on your feet in the hammock! Missed you Wed! but was sick and your invitations for you birthday week!