time well wasted? or a waste of time?

how would you like to spend your sunday afternoon? oh perhaps laying in the sun? playing in the studio? sipping cold beverages on a patio? ice cream with two spoons for you and your sweetie? sounds delightful!


would you prefer to spend it shopping for a television? NO! a little background here or fyi our tv took a turn for the worse last week and croaked. not completely as it still teased us with sound, but no picture. I was getting tired of his hand puppet interpretations of the programs and so agreed that we needed to replace the tv.

apparently! YES! apparently they do NOT make 35" tv's anymore. our wall unit which took us forever and a day to find will only fit a 35" or smaller tv. OF FRICKIN" COURSE! so do you buy a 32" smaller tv? or upgrade to the 40" and go and find a NEW wall unit to fit it?

this whole gong show irritated me to no end. I was fuming. I was angry. I just wanted it to be done. the only reason (okay other than pms) that I can think of as to why this was eating me so much is that I think tv is a waste of time. and here I was wasting time looking for a new time waster. sick!

AND! apparently they also do not make silver tv's anymore. only shiny black patent type tv's. bitches to dust I say! and so the hunt was on for the tv that would make me happy or at least keep my cleaning time down to a minimum. we finally settled on a smaller tv which has a matte black finish and just a touch of silver for accent.

isn't he cute? WHATEVER! pay no attention to the dangling cords in the back with the crappy cut out. the old tv hid all that! I guess I will have to get creative and paint up a canvas to stick back there and hide it all.

anyway, as soon as the boy moves out he can take it with him because by then I am sure that the geniuses will have figured out that the shiny black tv phase failed and 35" tv's are actually a nice average size.

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Gawdess said...

I feel your pain!
I thought I would go mad when we bought the 40'' for my husband and realized it would fit NO where and then ended up having to buy a new piece of furniture to put it in!

fortunately I think that you are up for the getting creative thing :) where the wires are concerned.