and boom!

it's july! get the pun? boom? fireworks? canada day? 4th of july? *ouch*

july 1st saw me running my ass off in the 15 km canada day run. I have done this race for the past three years. little bit of trivia for ya. first year I did the 5 km and he beat me. second year I did the 15 km and I beat him. this year did the 15 km and he beat me. looks like next year is my turn? bring it!

the thing is I don't take running too seriously. seriously! I love running and what I love most about it is the fact that I can do it! no kidding! I was the girl in school who would lie, cheat and skip to get out of gym class. hated moving! and now I love it! I am fortunate that I have a great group of running buddies to pass the time with. on july 1st three of us ran together. we talked from the beginning (we always run and talk), we sang at 10 km, we can can kicked at 12 km, we held hands at 14 km, and at 15 km we high fived each other for completing. so as he was running like he was being chased by a cheetah we ran like we were kids again and playing outside. it's okay to be silly and it is okay to have fun and it is especially okay when it is hot and you just want the run to be over! LOL! good times!

I had a little visit from this guy on tuesday...

what is it with babies nowadays? they don't cry anymore! he is such a beautiful boy and a really good baby. tons of fun snuggling with him and listening to all his stories.

wednesday I did the thing that I said I was going to do a while ago. -QUIT- yup, did it! on wednesday night I talked to the closest thing to my manager and quit. fine! my last day will be july 23 at which point I will go on a bender. just kidding! it has been a long time coming and I finally had it. I have been there for over four years and have seen good people come and go and it just isn't fun anymore. done!

thursday went for an awesome bike ride (yes, bbiiiikkkeee) and a little run and then back on the bike to go home. tough! no kidding batman! hot and my butt just ain't used to bike seats. that's okay. it was fun and I did it again today and who knows I may even do it tomorrow! so there!

this song just came on "any other world" by mika. love it!

and today? today I went for short bike ride to the gym, worked out and rode back home. working in the studio with a fan aimed directly at me. considering a shower. considering. still considering. need to seriously consider! worked on some pages for a new challenge. lots of fun and still time to join us.

I promise to try and post more often. been feeling...

let's just leave it at that...


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