wednesday happiness...

been busy on the phone with publishers begging me to write a cookbook. who knew that lack of lettuce would lead to fame and fortune? I knew I should have called them when I ran out of chocolate chips and threw in rolos!

just a few things that are making me happy today:

1. my running peeps who even though it was thunder and lightening headed out there and got it done. drenched and cold we went as far as we could persuade ourselves to go and then turned around and met for coffee.

2. while at coffee I observed several children in some sort of day camp doing arts and crafts and just plain having fun. laughing and making stuff and then the leader announces that they have five more minutes and then it is time for snack. I say aloud that I wish I could make stuff and then have a snack to which I quickly followed up with "oh, yeah! I do that already!" hee hee!

3. this new gem that fell into my hands yesterday. yup! fell I tell ya! I was like wha? and of course I thanked the phone gods and while she snapped pictures I ripped open the box. I love that she gets just as excited for me as I am!

4. this beautiful lady who at any minute will be giving birth to her second child. she is so inspiring and such a huge support!

5. through number 4 I find out about this and much to my surprise there is this amazing woman! ya gotta know that it is all good. kind of like we are trying to do.

6. and how about her. you go kristina!

7. must mention inspired. got the e-mail yesterday and hope to hell I can make it happen again.

8. just because it says they are gluten-free does not make them calorie free! but they are yummy! and just discovered they may contain milk. super! I'm living on the edge!

9. awesome mail week can I say? I received this. took a workshop from lisa and she is SO amazingly talented! she has a new book out too!

10. more mail brought me my goodies from tiber. I love their "olive me" face stuff and am willing to pay an arm and a leg for shipping to get it here. SO worth it! also they put little surprises in your package and who doesn't love a surprise?

there ya have it! have fun surfing and reading and shopping! looks like all those sun salutations worked as the sun is shining! yay! work tonight where I and over 200 of my closest friends will go green and do 20! wa oops! what's a post without a pic?


Gawdess said...

what a great post sorry I missed you this am I love my iPhone too lovely husband lined up for mine using it now

Gawdess said...

what a great post sorry I missed you this am I love my iPhone too lovely husband lined up for mine using it now