well hel...frickin'...lo MONDAY!

I am the biggest loser around and I don't mean in the bob harper, jillian michaels sense. I WISH! oh, no, I mean in the I will win the darwin award I am sure.

I went on a 40 km bike ride with the girls on saturday and yes this was taken by me with one hand on the handle bars and one on the camera. I may tape the camera to my helmet next time and hook up one of those squeeze ball picture snapping contraptions so as not to make it SO dangerous. in any case I was safe and sound. no injuries! yay!

yesterday I ran 12 km and the group leader spoke of this "rambo hill". I was not familiar with this and now I know why. she assured me that I would remember if I had run it before. okay so got through the run, up the hill and back home in one piece. a bit sweaty and stinky, but still a-okay!

and now may I present the loser portion of our program...

I vacuum the house at least once a week to ensure that any dust bunnies are taken care of and any sand the dogs have dragged in is gone. so I am vacuuming and I love to vacuum! I have the most amazing vacuum cleaner and it makes me happy. it makes my job quick and easy! except that yesterday as I am happily vacuuming I seem to have leaned a little too far left and when I tried to regain my balance I tripped on the vacuum cleaner and sliced my toe open. I would show pictures, but really! who needs to see my bloody, purple and blue, skin hanging toe? I didn't think so.

so hello monday and my foot is killing me! how do you separate your toes to give it a chance to get some air and heal? do I tape it? do I tape the other toes and leave a big gap in my foot? kind of a vulcan hand signal, but with toes? yeah!

gonna go shower now and try not to slip and cut my head open on the tap....wish me luck!


Gawdess said...

oh poor toe, I hope it is better soon!!!!!!
sometimes they take a while to get better though - jealous that i don't go for rides on Saturday with you - maybe soon -

Anonymous said...

Comedy and Tragedy.... such a fine line. Get some of the non-stick dressings from the pharmacy. Bill's in the mail. XO