here's to an inspiring NEW year!

some of the things that are inspiring me lately:

1. paper adventure 08

and my journal:

and my page:

2. the best me challenge....just found this blog. love the idea of writing a "want to do list" instead of a "to do list". I love lists! LOL!

3. one word....last year my word was "BOLD" and boy was I! LOL! this year I
picked the word "LIVE"

4. got paint? love Emily's style!

5. reading room and it's "FREE"

6. rev it up! tons of delicious things!

and in other news the race/run today went very well. very well aka I finished upright and smiling! LOL! saw tons of people and gave tons of hugs. all in all it is a reminder of why I love to run. the fresh air, the conversation, and let's not forget the jiggly butt busting benefit! LOL! tomorrow 10 km bright and early and here's hoping the wind will stop blowing! brrr! supposed to be -20 C tonight!


EliseBlaha said...

love what you made! it is going to be a great year.

michelle said...

wow. is this fabric? looks very cool.

Unknown said...

Your cover and layouts are both wonderful!!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Stunning cover for your journal, & fab first page.

Je@net said...

Wow, awesome! Love the cover of your journal! Great page too!

Linda Woods said...

Your journal looks super cool. But, I am more interested in how you have the energy to make art AND RUN! Please send me a little sample of your secret magic potion. You inspire me so much! I'm going to stay on my treadmill 5 minutes longer today.