"ART" Tuesday report!

baby book for new baby "Hayden Thomas Alain Watson - DONE!

that makes 76 in our family now! WOW!

my word banner is complete and hanging where I can see it and remember to do it!

week 2 - DONE! I know I still have week 3 to do! week 2 was hard, but in a good way! forced me to really think .....and that is always good!

tonight was my first class. I was actually able to produce some decent letters. do I mention that we worked on five letters? an A, a L, an O, a N and M. great teacher and good times with my girl.

off to bed. up early tomorrow for 10 km and coffee afterwards with my running buddies.


Unknown said...

Your paper adventure looks great!
What a beautiful little baby :)

Gawdess said...

beautiful baby and beautiful book!
Very nice work.