odds and ends and bits and bites

crazy, crazy day yesterday......should have been the Jones soda fortune from Monday. here is what has occurred in the past 24 hrs.:

ran 10 km - best time we had in the past three weeks (1:15) and set a new goal to do 10 km in 1:00 by the end of the summer - woop!

had coffee with my running buddies and got my new running jacket with our groups name on it! SA-WEET!

talked to a lawyer regarding this and found out that my bon bon went to visit him at the hospital and presented him with a guitar signed by the band. which just proves once again that he is the most amazing man! like there was any doubt?

off to work where I find out that my crazy friend who has had issues with her knee since her last marathon went off and ran the disney marathon. there she was beaming from ear to ear with a big honking medal around her neck. so happy for her and quite shocked as she barely trained. unreal!

and then for the real shocker. a co-worker of mine was arrested for stealing. still can't believe it is true. so sad.

today? yeah, well....so far we ran 4 km and dropped the car off for new tires. walking home and one block away my cell phone rings and it is the tire place calling to say that my car is ready for pick up. ya gotta be frickin' kidding me! I decided to put my feet up for a few minutes before I head back out into the storm to pick up my car. and yes people to me it is a storm! snow is falling and cars are sliding all over the place. storm!

and to top it off I have this little guy go and make my day!

and I find out about this. not only can she run 10 km and talk the whole time, but she also takes beautiful photos.

and it is only 11:30 am!

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Madonnart said...

Nad...My hairdresser and buds were invited to Bonny Jons afterparty and said he was amazing up close. Don't you just love his humility?