so I literally found out by accident that my passport needs to be renewed and so I start the paper process. kinda like when you go to give blood. the usual questions:

have you traveled to a foreign country and visited a farm? (does "U.S." count? and what about "Old McDonald"?)

did you hide liquids in your carry on? (hide? no they were there you just didn't look)

two names of people who would vouch that you are alive and kicking and have known you for at least two years and in the event of your arrest would come and bail you out and are not a member of your family? (this one took a few phone calls, bribes and begging!)

and then comes the kicker! yeah! they want you to take in NEW photos! Gasp! It is the same damn thing as getting your new driver's license and costco card. SMILE! the pictures never turn out good. not even somewhat good and you have to have them for the next five years. so I have all my papers ready and am going to go get my photos taken when it hits me! do I want the "growth" that is coming out of the side of my eyebrow coupled with the "growth" coming out of my chin to be on my photo for the next five years? I think NOT! so I called to see if they do touch ups and after a few giggles and snorts I was told "no". no photos till my skin clears up and no passport.

which brings me to this:

which Laurie and I made on "aRt TuEsDaY". we each did our goal pieces on canvas. splashed paint, stamps, doodling, collage and put it on there exactly what our goals are for the year. it was meant to be a morning project and we ended up taking it into the afternoon. it was a lot of fun. we made sure to include our word for the year. mine is "LIVE". my main goal is to slow down. just enjoy each moment and not worry so much about the little stuff. try to reduce stress and relax my mind and body. I am a fierce multi tasker and have come to the conclusion that in doing so I am not any further ahead and in fact in some cases am behind. so here is to turning off the noise and popping a happy pill. now go check out Laurie's blog and see her piece.

I have been told that my photos are dark and I NEED a new camera. this is not news to me people! thank you kath and Laurie! I am embarrassed to take my camera out in public! so hey! Valentine's Day is coming...just sayin'


Gawdess said...

Now if I remember CORRECTLY I said something along the lines of
"someone as talented as you deserves a better tool"...uh no, that doesn't sound right, hmmm, let me think - anyway yes you should get a different, newer camera that is more able to fully accomodate your natural artistic talent.
that's it.
Love the LIVE piece by the way.

Laurie said...

It's not that you NEED a new Camera..It is that you need to USE a camera!! For Gawds sake put down the photo booth and pic up something with a lens you can focus!! oh..never mind.. I meant to say what ever Gawdess said..

Anonymous said...

Totally love your art piece.