happy NEW year!

gotta love it! I made a deal that last year was going to be a great year and for the most part it was. It had it's speed bumps, but I am choosing to remember the good, the grand and the great. started off 2007 the same way I will start 2008 by doing this. always a fun way to start off the year and to wish fellow runners "happy NEW year". took a drawing class in January and did my first ever still life. still hanging on the fridge! LOL! attended a few MAC classes to learn about my new puter. fun!

in february I completed my first ever half marathon. one of my many goals! such an amazing feeling!

march took me to vancouver for this with her. hosted by christina. such a great event where we were lucky enough to meet ali, donna and claudine. we met so many amazing artists and it was a wonderful break for the both of us.

april brought john here for our viewing pleasure. awesome!

may I was part of the most incredible exhibit. tons of work, but such an amazing experience! we were also fortunate to see jann. another amazing concert! And we did this 10 km with a friend of ours and it was the first 10 km race/run any of us had ever done. I know! I did a 1/2 marathon before doing a 10 km! LOL!

june we ran in this. a few of the girls from my running group joined forces to do this and it was so much fun to form a team and complete it together.

we started July off with 15 km. And we cannot forget the best part of July my bon bon for his first visit of the year.

august brought another birthday and the unforgettable 60 km.

september we attended scrapfest. here we met anam, vicki, kah mei, jenn. We also did the run for the cure.

october was of course my first full marathon. another huge goal of mine completed. then there was St. Louis with donna. crop for kids where we met Lance, josie and sally, kelly, and kristina also where we debuted our bags and had all the artist's sign them.

november we had our super saturday class and the trip to remember on the beach.

finished the year off with a repeat sweet treat and a surprise visit from my uncle.

whew! tomorrow we begin again and let me tell you this past year will be hard to beat! happy new year!

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