'tis the season

here is the result of two days in the studio. holy turtle art batman! and by that I mean boy was I moving at a snails pace this week. probably why on Wednesday I found myself in bed all day and night sick as a dog. anywho this is my Christmas card for the artsy people in my life. If you know me you know that generally I don't follow rules and just go with my own flow. In this case I used canvas because we have been playing around with it a lot this year so I thought it was appropriate. Also the never ending love for "words" had me finally (never mind Laurie) pick the word "give". After all is it not the season for "giving"? Give what? you might ask (and many did). just give! In recalling last week and the times that I just gave without thinking about what I would receive it felt pretty darn good! So that is my word for this month "GIVE" and just give any way you can. A smile, a hug, a donation, a kind word, a gift to someone you might not otherwise buy for. Here is a very inspiring (no pun intended!) example of giving how kewl is that? I made a comment that I was inspired by her and would figure out a way that I could pay it forward and so the word "give" has come to mean a whole lot more than I thought it did when I picked it. No wonder it took hours!

On that note....how about the Oprah's favorite things list? I love this idea so much I came up with my own favorite thing and a lot of my favorite people are getting it for gifts this year.

Update on my uncle. he arrived and he looks so good. real good.....and healthy. best present ever is having him here for the holidays. tidying up the studio in hopes that I can get creative and make some kewl gifties for the group. ciao for now!

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