silent night....

good news! in no particular order:

1. Sparky the wonder dog slept through the night!
2. two...count them...two completed desserts sitting in the fridge (tiramisu and pineapple delight: stick with what you know!)
3. presents are ALL wrapped
4. completed 13 km run
5. found the ultimate gift for ma and pa (digital camera/printer combo)
6. made my fave jello salad for Christmas lunch (I know *jello salad*, but this one is good!)
7. saw my "spicy italian" cousin today!
8. talked to mom and she actually made some sense!
9. bought super duper pillow and am actually looking forward to going to bed to try it!
10. lookie what I saw today!

....little baby Christopher who is now breathing on his own! yay! still in ICN so keep the prayers and positive energy coming!

and (drum roll please) the boy is joining us for Christmas lunch.....triple arm pump and pass the tissue!


Linda Woods said...

I like how you just tossed in there that you completed a 13k run like that is NORMAL!!! You are the coolest.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Linda! A 13k run sounds to me like a HUGE accomplishment! :) Congrats on finding the perfect gifts and getting everything wrapped up! The baby is ADORABLE!!!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

ahh cute baby pic! babies are wonderful! :)