three days?

ten days have passed since my last post. you are probably wondering if I did indeed run off with bon bon. sadly no...I have been here and as you can see I am reduced to drowning my stress in hot chocolate. yup! so whassup? lemme see:

1. I think my mom is losing her mind
2. I don't think dad is taking me seriously
3. Christmas shopping is done but alas a child is born today so more shopping
4. the two squares I made are both basically crap and I volunteered to do dessert?
5. PMS is here and those who get in the way will be hurt
6. it is friggin' cold outside, but hey I'm in training so RUN STUPIDEST RUN!
7. Mom's card was sent without enclosing the ultimate gift - a cheque! agh!
8. my dog keeps wanting to go outside at 4 am! is this an age thing?
9. my garage door opener broke last night
10. my son spends this Christmas with my ex

sorry....back to give, give, give and good things:

1. my mom may be losing her mind, but she laughs it off and says "I dunno" a lot
2. my dad is actually doing better than mom which to me is a huge surprise
3. my cousin had a baby boy today, premature, say a prayer, so far things are good "christopher giovanni"
4. I did eat the crappy squares and washed them down with the hot chocolate (a nice light snack)
5. sorry can't really twist this one
6. it is cold, but I love to run...helps #5
7. I will send mom two cheques for her birthday in a few weeks - done!
8. I love that little shit (diapers?)
9. we switched sides so I can still get in and out with a press of a button
10. hopefully D will have Christmas lunch with us (fingers crossed)

three more days and tons of fun stuff in between! after all there is the 14 km tomorrow morning at 8:30 am! yay! hopefully a visit with mom and baby in the afternoon. christmas eve with dolly and her family! bringing perogies and cabbage rolls which are so not crap! yay! movie? games? afterwards, who knows! I do know that it will be some serious fun with special friends. christmas day with my mom and dad and two uncles and hopefully "D". bringing salad and dessert (wish me luck!) christmas night with the kurjata's. bringing dessert (more luck needed!) looking forward to seeing all the kids! can I mention boxing day? too early? OK! merry ho ho ho to all and to all a good night!

and hopefully he sleeps through it.....

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