this left feels right!

observe sherlock! the L and the R on this pair of socks was clearly put there for a reason. yes! there is some sort of cushioning, gait, suspension, corn preventing, bunion blasting reason that they are labeled. of course when you are ME and it is early (very early) and you are running out of the house to get on your bike and pedal to meet your f.r.e.d. peeps and go for a run you tend to just pull the damn socks on and GO!

let's back track shall we? monday the doc asks me if I am under any stress. YES! is there anyway of getting rid of this stress? , he says. I say no because their names are mom and dad. unless you want to take care of them doctor I am on my own. he actually thought about it for a moment and my heart skipped a beat at the thought that he was almost in. almost....

so he recommends that to relieve my stress I should do some walking. some moving, some fun stuff, relax and enjoy. in with the good air, out with the bad. I say, uh, ya, okay! so in addition to running three oh four times a week and doing resistance training three times a week and throw in a yoga class and oh how about boxing for shits and giggles you want me to DO MORE? I see! ooooooooKAY! so why not park the car, save the environment and grab your bike! WEEEEEEE!

I meet up with my friend and we start biking and for some reason I am struggling. I start saying things to myself like, you suck, you ARE a fat ass, you have no business biking with the likes of Val - queen of the bike. she stops to wait for me and I apologize. she thinks I am apologizing for not keeping up. oh no! I am saying sorry for whatever I did, whatever I said, whatever I didn't do because apparently I have pissed you off and you are torturing me! If you knew Val you knew she wouldn't hurt a fly! unless that fly was wearing a helmut and riding a bike behind her and her name was NADIA! just kidding. it appears that the reason for my struggle was that my tires were not full, my front brake was also not working. I was a freakin' toddler on a bike! so in addition to the tour de Edmonton bike ride and the 6 km walk (run? wasn't happening!) we walked up the biggest hill in the city to the bike store where I announced that my bike had a boo boo. bike fixed and we were on our way. I took the lead and boy did my bike ever feel better! I don't suck! okay still a fat ass, but HEY! working on it!

I get home and conclude that the bike ride wasn't really as stress busting as I had hoped. a few glitches so I needed MORE! doc said! so I call upon my buddy rod and we have a relaxation session. I found my OM! feeling refreshed, feeling ready to get up and go and preparing the to-do-list for tomorrow. gotta get stuff done!

thanks to everyone who commented about Dan. he reads the blog and loved the comments. maybe one day we will have a Q & A with Dan. how about it?

a pic of his last english project. he had to write a poem and decided to write it on an album and the sleeves. kewl!

don't forget to go and comment! lots of fun stuff in store for the summer at the studio and we will be sharing with you all.

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Gawdess said...

you do NOT have a fat a$$! I should know I have run BEHIND you often enough.
I like the picture of your feet though!
Glad the bike shop helped out and it was way easier to bike after that and thanks so much for the great walk.