is it Monday yet?

thursday? WOT? holy crap! can we talk? first off stampers celebration this past weekend was such a blast. Laurie and I rocked Airdrie. tons of pics over here. I love teaching with that gal and love road trips with her. SO much fun.

been WAY busy cleaning up from the trip (you know getting all that paint off my nails!) also gearing up for our next teaching gig at treasured memories. super excited about that. dates should be up soon!

art day was part work, part play and then our brains went bonkers! you know when you get a thought and pretty soon you are writing as fast as you can and doing sketches on tiny little post it notes cause god knows you have no bigger paper in a frickin' art studio! LOL! lots of good ideas for future classes.

I have some pics from last weeks journals to share. this is kind of a swap. just back and forth to me then Laurie and back. the journal is called good and evil and for some reason I felt like I needed to use red a lot. wierd? I will post more pics tomorrow!

this first one I used some of the techniques from betty's class and played around with these. I like the long irregular type of lettering. fun!

this one was gesso and smooshing (technical term) the paint and some stamping. words recalling moments of frustration and fear, love and understanding. the other page recognizing that I have problems remembering things. both pages related yet different.

last two pages were done first with left over practice sheet and black masking tape for the writing base. second page Laurie was painting through the aftermath of chipboard letters and when she placed it down I said "HEY" put that in my journal and so she did and I loved the effect.

feeling yucky still...kinda of tired, yucky tummy this week so off to bed....more tomorrow!


Gawdess said...

first, feel better soon, feel really, really better, sending you the vibes for that-next?
I like the black masking tape and the elongated writing, it is really evocative for me.

Anonymous said...

oh, i love smooshing.

you rock sista!