got milk?

that's me with my oh so yummy chocolate soy milk decaf espresso coffee concoction. say that three times fast! accompanying my drink is an equally delicious lara bar of the cocoa coconut flavor. cause goodness knows when you take away milk from a girl you somehow take away chocolate as well.

did the doc thing today and the gig is up. no more screwing around! my insides have been poked and prodded. blood has been drawn and the cup is full. test away! and please for the love of pete figure out why in the hell I have this pain.

first step is to give up milk products while we wait for some test results to come back. that pretty much covers all I eat and drink! good bye "5 pump, non-fat, extra hot grande lattes". good bye yogurt and milk for my cereal. good bye grilled cheese sandwiches with basil, tomatoes and honey. good bye organic milk chocolate bars.

at least for now....

and while we wait we have some thinking to do. like why do you suppose I ran into a ultra marathon runner who just so happens to be lactose intolerant down the soy milk isle? hmmmmmm.......

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Gawdess said...

it isn't easy to give up milk but if it gives you some relief than I am all for it!
Hoping for that tummy trouble to disappear.
We also eliminated wheat for my daughter and that made a big difference.