I am surrounded by greatness...

above is a pic of my peeps. f.r.e.d. (friends, running, eating, drinking). we had a scrumptious lunch to celebrate our 5th anniversary. 5 years! some of us started in running clinics together and every week without fail we meet. some of us run, some walk, some hit the pool and some come for coffee. there is always coffee afterwards. we come from different backgrounds, but we have a special bond. we have had injuries together and celebrated milestones together. fred our one and only man, THE man has done the boston marathon. kath is an ultra marathoner. val traveled to dublin for her first marathon. michelle and jen have done the ms bike tour. bobbie has been through it all. running, walking, swimming. jan will jump in wherever needed and gives us a place to stay for Melissa's. treva has taught clinics. deb is our bling girl. she starts out her run looking like a million bucks and by the end she looks even better. we still have no idea how she does it. kathy is our little one, but don't let that fool yeah!

and me? I am the lucky one. I get to be a part of this amazing group. all because one day I thought it would be fun to take a running clinic. each and everyone of them has been there for me. they've listened to me whine. I have cried on their shoulder. I have asked them to push me and challenge me. I have had fun running with them. walking with them. swimming with them. going to yoga. riding bikes. drinking coffee. eating chocolate. sharing photos and stories of our loved ones. it's amazing!

still feeling crappy and not able to see the doctor till monday. yuck! just when you think you have it bad though something comes along and reminds you that you have it pretty darn good after all. case in point. my cousin from california. I mentioned her last year while I was gearing up for the breast cancer walk. she is a breast cancer survivor. she had gamma knife surgery last year. and now more tumors and they are growing. the doctor wants to operate. she says no. she is afraid she won't make it off the operating table. her husband is afraid that if she does not have the surgery she won't make it. he asked me to pray that she will change her mind. I am gonna pray and ask that you keep her in your thoughts and hopefully she will come through this either way. all this going on and she made another quilt this year and participated in the "walk for life". hello? amazing!

so there you have it. a whole bunch of greatness. wonderful friends and amazing family. I am blessed.


Gawdess said...

I will keep your cousin (and you!) in my thoughts!!!1
a lovely post and what lovely people you run with, they are so lucky!

Susan Beth said...

Soory you aren't feeling well. I'm getting a bit concerned. I'll pray for your cousin too. You just seem to have groups of friends wherever you go, and I think that says something really special about you!