here comes the sun...

grab your shades dudes! it's hot and it's bright and I LOVE it! enjoy it! get out there and sit with it and sip a cold drink and just soak it in cause it has been a long time coming.

around the house we have different stations set up. recovering people sprinkled here, there and everywhere. throw in a couple of dogs and it is truly a "dog's life". some sickness, some surgery, some screaming and in sickness and in health we are all here and we are together and we will get better.

it's a long weekend and long means one extra day! woo hoo! I will be running like the wind and try to get things done, stuffed, mailed, cleaned and organized as one extra day also means a short week. classes next weekend at treasured memories. hope to see you all there! looking forward to it!

and if all else fails:



Gawdess said...

your dog is so fluffy!!!!~ hope you are feeling better very, very soon!!!!!
take care.

Kate O'Brien said...

what a cute post! hope everyone is feeling better!