marvelous monday!

ah yes, the start of a new week, THE week, you know, THE MARATHON! yup! few things happened in the last couple of days and here's the thing, well, not one of the things, but just in general, like, here is the thing! The thing is, you wake up on Saturday morning and head out for what is to be your race pace run. kind of a get the feel of how fast you will be running the race at. so I head out with my running pal and a group leader for 16 km. the group leader is done at around 4 km and we keep running. you see V and I spend the whole time talking while we run. we truly believe that IF we were to run a marathon together that we would talk the whole time! great run, great company with great food after. the run done and I head home for a shower and then I am off again for an afternoon of errands. I get home and am exhausted! relieved that I do not have to wake up early on Sunday to run, but instead participate in THIS. A 5km walk with my team "the spicy italians". there were nine of us this time around. my cousin tammy, my hero, looked awesome! she amazes me everyday with her courage and is the angel on my shoulder when I feel I couldn't run another minute. she keeps me going and she keeps on going. after the walk it was off to T's birthday party. what a hoot! I miss D being that little. I loved watching the little boys playing with toys, blowing out the candles, opening presents and just the neat ways they interact with each other at that age. so there goes saturday and sunday and we arrive at monday morning. "art day" has two days this week as "lost and found studio" have a few deadlines to meet. okay so I created the deadlines to keep us focused. meanwhile L tosses in the occasional curve ball just for shits and giggles and to see if I am still listening. that and carmel popcorn! yum! we spent the day working or I should say playing cause man I had tons of fun! I wish I could share all the stuff we have been creating, but it is for the "secret workshop" so I gotta hush. how about a peek?

cool! so the studio is a buzzing and tomorrow is another "art day". finish off this project and try to start work on the order which I have given a due date of October 31. and here is another pic from the 21 day challenge. ciao!


FAB letters said...

Wow.."draw" is so amazing!
Totally full of life...what media? it's so bright; need shades.

Enough of my infatuation with your talents....Any ATC's for ECS? Cause FAB wants to go home with more than ONE for OCT.

Good for L;I see she has her priorities straight!

Laurie said...

Boy oh boy ..that franci fancy pants is a bossy one eh? I think she is totally right and I should be able to do my ATC's on studio time...I really shouldn't let her down..sigh ( hand to forehead.."oh dear" )

Anonymous said...

Hey Nadia,
Love your blog.... you've been tagged.
Your assignment, should you choose to accept, is to write a post listing 7 random, little known, facts about you.
Then, pay it forward.
Take care,