meet me in st. louis, bay bee!

here is the st. louis buzz. short and sweet. totally enjoyable. great views from our hotel of the arch. above shot of how I like to make a hotel room have that at home feeling. okay so there just so happened to be a flower shop in the hotel where we stayed so I purchased a rose and spruced up the room with some sunshine! also showing is my travel journal that I made up for the trip. still need to put some photos in it! later....

I had the absolute thrill of visiting these two lovely sisters at their store. Red Lead has it all under one roof. Paper, paint, glue, scissors, fibres, fine art supplies, vintage emphera, books, rubber stamps (even their own line) and tons of classes. One of the coolest things was their "open studio" concept. You go in and pick a project from the display that you want to make, pay for it and sit down at the art tables in the back of the store. All supplies are provided along with great conversation and help if you need it. I try and visit this store every time I go to St. Louis. Check it out! Hi Chris and Sharon!

as seen on a wall in Starbucks. kewl. another thing that made me smile was how they wrote your name on the side of the cup. yup, well up here in Canada they don't do that, okay! I wanted to pick a different name each Zena, Isabella, Sophie, but of course as M reminded me I would have to remember which name I gave them so as not to miss getting my drink. Like the day I had them put laurie on it and it made me smile when I heard them call her name. kim deal with it! I know you almost lost your cookies last time I was adoring her.

did tons of shopping at the usual haunts (just in time for halloween, get it?) the galleria, macy's victoria's secret, brookstone and jc penny! I know - woo hoo! I did manage to find a dress for the wedding in a couple of weeks and a few shirts, sweaters, and pants. even boots bay bee!

this was the highlight of my trip....donna. I was able to take a class with her at for keeps sake. lucky me! I first met her in March at artistry and loved her so was quite excited to find out that she would be teaching in St. Louis while I was there. I will be seeing her again at her event in April. check it out!

back to reality and in the studio stirring up all kinds of fun.....workshop this weekend! yay!


Anonymous said...

Lost cookies? Oh, pshaw! Starbucks AND Victoria's Secret in one trip; I am so jealous!

BTW, a couple of places in Vancouver ask for a name.

Xena, Warrior Princess

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