csc4k, stars and all

SO far behind on the report, but here goes. first class was with iod and the class was called the "ME" journal. Lots of swag from prima.

Sally Griswold and Josie Celio were SO sweet!

holy bicks and klausen batman! the pickle man (aka Lance Anderson sat in on the class with us. fun, fun, and lots of laughs.

next up was "the beauty of life" class with kelly.

she is a hoot and hopefully will still talk to me after all the "Can ida" ribbing. I love accents! can I just say that? I do! I signed up for her class on the spot and was glad I did. laurie and I did this all on the santa maria. yup! classes on a ship! go figure! I warned them about my sea sickness, but no one listened! we were fortunate enough to meet up again at lunch. more chatting and laughing.

the next morning, at the crack of dawn, roosters crowing and all we showed up for "growth" with kristina. first I must say this...whoever photographs this girl does it so well that it makes her appear to be six feet tall! I ran into her on the elevator and my first thought was, of course, she is beautiful and then omg she is short? how can this be. when M takes my picture now I try to get him to do it ala "kristina". I look SO much taller now! you need to keep in mind that I do not tower over many people. okay I didn't tower over her but I also didn't have to look up, way up, to talk to her. she is so real and I lover her style!

high five to trisha for putting this even together and to all her volunteers. not an easy task, but I felt it was a wonderful way to support a great cause and to bring some awesome instructors to Edmonton. up next? st. louis report! whew!


Madonnart said...

SO! Thats where my little precious has been. Looks like a great weekend and week, M

Anonymous said...

You are just too cute! Your hair flips perfectly! It looks like you had a FAB time.