it's tuesday and I've been tagged!

kim tagged me! my first tagging! hee hee!
here goes:

"seven random things about myself"

1. I love books, but hardly ever finish reading one

2. name a diet, I've been on it, and if I haven't I probably have the book, currently I am on the "run my ass off diet"

3. I feel like I will never have enough time to do all that I want to do in this lifetime

4. I love "gifts with purchase"

5. I want to have coffee with Jon Bon Jovi or George Clooney or Kiefer Sutherland or Craig MacTavish or James Carrington

6. I want to jump out of a plane before I die, which will probably be right after I jump out of the plane

7. I have never lost anyone close to me and am scared to even think about it

whew! that was hard! I am not one to reveal intimate information about myself. oops that was 8!

now to pay it forward.....

francie fancy pants



ciao! more 21 day challenge for ya!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Nadia. I have Twilight Zone music playing in my head right now. Those could have been my 7.

Except, #5 would have read, "I want to have sex with....."

Excellent. Thanks for playing.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to think about mine. If you get to have coffee with Bon Jovi, you better send him to my house immediately following that for dessert.
Yeah, dessert.