exciting stuff X2

today's post is short and sweet, but filled with big stuff! so exhausted and am hoping it is the marathon recovery and not me getting sick. either way I am trying to listen to what my body needs and if it needs a two hour nap after a walk around downtown then I give in. nuff said! LOOK!

exhibit A - saaaay whaaat? no, the amazon man did not follow me to st. louis! yes, I am a crazy woman! before I left I hit chapters because I could not wait one minute longer to start reading this book. happy girl!

exhibit B - I know that sooner than later santa claus is coming to town, but before that happens my baby is coming back to me! five months to the day! I cannot believe that I am seeing him twice in one year! over the span of six months! can this be real? oh yeah baby! got the tickets! now to get the outfit!

hope to download some pictures from csc4k tomorrow and post about the event.

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