here is day 6 & 7of the 21 DC. laurie commented that I might be a bit behind in my pages. do ya think? lol! I will tell you what I am not behind on! water! woo baby! hyrdate! today was group study with my ecs buddies. a little chit chat, a little book making, a little lettering, a little gilding.....a little homework. I will share more when it is complete.

the weekend begins and that can only mean one thing! no mail! agh! I have been eagerly awaiting this. as a matter of fact all the chatter has caused me to go in between tracking my package to my local store to see if copies are actually in the city. I have the first book "Visual Chronicles" and it is well used. go and check out the sisters. join the art army, rise up and create! really awesome! what would be even more awesome is if I went and checked the mail box and the book was sitting there waiting for me.....gotta go!

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