Day 3 of 21 Day Challenge

Whew! Where has this week gone to? I blinked and it is Thursday night! New season of Survivor begins tonight!

Here is the page I did for Day 3. The challenge has been going really well. There now I've gone and jinxed myself! Pretty much I have been filling two 32 ounce bottles each morning and I drink 'em up before I hit the sack. Eight glasses DONE! Any other liquids are pretty much extra. Of course it is making a HUGE difference with the running. I know that it does it is just a matter of getting into the habit again. Second thing I was trying to change was to find things that I like about myself. Hard to do! I excel at finding things wrong and point them out to all who will listen. Good stuff happening though with this. Feels good to feel good. Third part was to fuel the body and complete the marathon. Food intake has been excellent. Good proportions of what I need and tummy is happy. All good! Complete Marathon? Yeah....we will be talking more about that later! 10 km tonight and got caught in the rain during the last 5 km. brrr!

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