cReAtE aRt?

look what I made! did I mention my weekly habit? I buy myself flowers. yup, I do! every week! fresh flowers! occasionally I whip up some arrangements for fun. I worked on this one last night. square vase, river rocks, oasis, an assortment of flowers, greenery and VOILA! I stood back and said "I think I found my calling". to which my partner replied "oh no you di int, do you know how many hours you would have to work....mother's day, christmas, weddings....etc." ah well, I didn't finish the program so technically I am not a certified floral designer, but I am having fun!

on another note I had a seriously creative day. seriously! I made an amazing.....I can't even tell you. can't show you! it's for M's birthday and I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it is kewl! I started my travel journal for st. louis. I am using supplies from
this kit and am really excited about how it is turning out so far. I will post pics as soon as it is complete. the 21 day challenge stuff is coming too! whew! I just don't want to stop making stuff today! love these kind of days!

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Anonymous said...

You make beautiful flower arrangements! WOW!