the "happy book" report

in between buddha blessing and jehovah visits we have had an abundance of happy this week:


one of my "prairie sisters' met me for a visit. we chatted for hours and completely lost track of time. it was wonderful! I loved hearing her voice and seeing her smile in person. awesome!


the snow fell and I embraced it by taking photos. it was SO beautiful! yes, you heard me correct! I was smiling even though it was chilly.


finished up a project from paulette's class at "inspired " last year. finally!

another project from from cheryl darrow's class also at "inspired". ya going?


papa to the rescue! the light bulbs burned out in my kitchen and the bulbs snapped off when we tried to remove them. yay! we tried several methods to get the bottoms out and nothing! "who ya gonna call?" DAD! although it was a "job" so to speak we worked together. I remember when I was little and dad and I would build stuff and work on projects together for hours in his workshop. I still have a little box that we made together to hold my cassette tapes in. so today I cherished our time. just him and I patiently trying to figure out how to get the light working again. giggling at our mishaps and smashing stuff on the front step. oh yeah! I really should have let him do it, but he didn't have safety glasses on! so we now have light again in our kitchen which means - back to cooking! ha!

what were your happy moments this week? don't forget to go and share.


Lisa @sacred circle said...

What lovely moments of delight! Many blessings to you as you discover many more tiny things to celebrate!

Ginny said...

How wonderful to be able to spend time with your dad and to share special moments. Have a great week.

Linda Woods said...

You look so cute!
My happy moment was a surprise in the mail and decorating a box to send to canada ;)