good luck cow?

are you one of those people who forwards those "send to ten people good luck" e-mails? stop it wouldya? I normally do not get sucked in by those things, but every once in a while in a moment of weakness or what could be considered "foggy PMS brain" I cave.

yesterday would be one of those days. it all started with the morning of dumb ass move #1 where I registered as a seller on a u.s. site only to find out that the only way to be paid would be by having a u.s. bank account IN THE U.S!

then my lovely friend (you know who you are!) sent out this e-mail with a lucky buddha. ya want some luck? want some money? send it to six friends and in four days blah, blah, blah, BUT send it to twelve friends and in TWO days blah, blah, blah. never to be one of great patience I immediately (yup, did not sit in my inbox for more than a second) forwarded it to twelve people. some friends, some family and then waited for the luck and money to roll in!

however, (I would like to call this "dumb ass move #2) I sent it to my BIL who is a pastor and who sent me a gentle reminder about buddha and god and a wonderful passage to read. thank goodness my BIL is awesome and understood my moment of weakness.

fast forward to this morning where we (my BIL and I) are e-mailing back and forth about wealth, the buddha, god and so on. good conversation! doorbell rings. must be the meter reader dude? NOPE! it's jehovah witness inviting me to...

it doesn't matter! so I guess the point of this post is to share with you what I learned:

- luck does not come from a object
- let those e-mails sit for a day before you hit send
- never answer the door to strangers

and in what could be considered "dumb ass move #3?" I am almost certain that the cow will offend someone too. would it help to tell you that I do not eat animals?

today HAS to be better, no?

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Kathryn Costa said...

I love your sense of humor. I can't believe a JW rang the bell...what timing! As I sit here and think about it, there really is a lot of superstition in the world.