work in progress...

working on a submission for a client of mine (hee hee). thought it would be fun to come up with a poster/signage thing for his band.

I took an old paint by number painting that I abandoned cause apparently paint by number was too "color inside the lines" for me. ha! I then added various bits of pictures and text and did a wash of ivory over top.
trying to figure out which way to go with the colors...

and then finally adding the "orange trees". why three? c'mon!

I worked on this all day on friday as I was stuck at home. the interesting thing is that I didn't rush it. it still is not complete and I have added more elements. it was so much fun to take my time and enjoy the process. stepping back and trying to figure out what step to take next. this is quite unusual for me as I am more go, go, go get 'er done. love that I found that part of me that entered a meditation of sorts while working on this piece.

then again that part of me is now also guarding the piece. I find myself frozen and unable to take the next step. when it ends, when it is complete, then what? do you ever feel that way with something you created? you are enjoying the process so much that you do not want it to end? the journey is so much fun that you are not in a hurry to reach the destination?

I relate this to other things in my life and it rings true in many instances. I am trying to figure out why I stop. I don't like to call it quit cause I don't feel that I am quitting, but rather that I am delaying the end result. I need to figure out what my pay off is for climbing the mountain, but never quite reaching the top to see what is on the other side. guess I am a "work in progress" too?

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it done. I love it, it's manly or should I say bandly. Ha I'm too much!