angels among us...

took a break today and headed over to the organic zodiac healing arts cafe and fine gallery. local artist aynsley nisbet hosted a drop in this afternoon. I had the chance to play around with oil paints and canvas. great music, warm and friendly atmosphere and my easel was set up right by the window with the sun shining through!

my piece started out as a bird. then it became a butterfly and finally an angel. I have been feeling pretty crappy for the last few days so maybe I am calling on the angel to help me heal? mama could use some angel goodness herself as we found out yesterday that she may have to undergo radiation therapy. she has stage 0 ductal carcinoma. they took out the itty bitty teeny weeny bit of cancer that was in there, but want to be sure that it does not return. poor mama!

it has been highs and lows for the past few days and I am glad I gave myself permission to go and chill out. it was very meditative and calming. just what I needed! thanks aynsley

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