full snow moon dreamboard

last month I asked for:

- more love of self and others

I worked really hard on reminding myself that I am okay and loving myself has greater rewards than hating myself. with others I tried to accept the fact that we are all different and not to take things so personally. love others for who they are and not who I want them to be.

- less guilt for putting myself first

a tough one for me, but again I made a huge effort this month to put myself first. I said no a few times and when that pang of guilt hit I told myself that it is just as important to take care of myself as it is other people.

- accepting that there is nothing wrong with me

let's just say this one did not go so well! the gremlins are strong and most times their voices are louder than I can bear. one day at a time.

- filling my heart with joy by making time to make stuff

I took a few days this month to just play with no real outcome. I got messy and had paint everywhere including my face, but it felt good and I felt filled up with joy.

- giving gifts to myself and others - just because

my gift to myself this month was the art journal love letters. I have been having a blast playing around with different mediums and learning new techniques to use in my journals. I sent out gifts and cards to people without occasion or reason. I loved hearing their reaction and their plan to pay it forward.

- continuing to be brave in my discovery of self

I started asking myself questions in my journal and getting the thoughts down on paper to see if they pop back at me with more clarity. in some instances I have found out things I already knew about myself, but how to overcome the same fears I feel over and over? it is something I yearn to figure out.

- gathering with friends and family to celebrate and support

we had a wonderful celebration of love with our family and friends. I love getting everyone together and just basking in the love and laughter that we share. this month has already brought more gatherings and more to come. love it!

this month's dreamboard was a struggle to start with and then before you know it I had all my images together. the common thread seemed to be fun, being silly, taking risks, different angles and lots of blue and light.

looks like I will be looking at things a bit differently and perhaps stepping into the light to shine and take some risks? time to put on my brave pants and go for it...

did you do your dreamboard this month? go over here and share...

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Kayla said...

I usually do a dream board for the year. But having one for each month sounds like a great idea!